• LED Lamp KREZ Light 7W

    2700K, 525lm, E27, 200°, mat

KREZKREZ my homeLightLED Lamp KREZ Light 7W

Model Number: 4GM-WH125-04

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Product Features:

Output7 W
Lamp typeLED 
Light stream525 ALM
Voltage220 V
Bulb formround shape 
Glow tempуraturewhite warm 
Lamp lifetime30000 H

KREZ Eco-Friendly Energy Saving LED Lamps, thanks to the traditional form of ordinary incandescent lamps, are suitable for most types of light fixtures and provide good light output. KREZ LED lamps emit a warm white light and can be used for conventional or decorative lighting indoors. KREZ lamps are resistant to sharp spikes in voltage and very economical, which is what distinguishes them from bulbs of previous technological generation. Due to the absence of ultraviolet radiation they are safe for the eyes. Lamps do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful metals.

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